Apply and Renew


Online applications for Dyslexia Practitioner and Dyslexia Therapist will be available effective Summer of 2018.
Apply online now for Structured Literacy Teacher

Paper applications, to be used when renewing with a non-credit card payment, may be accessed here.

Applicants are advised that they must have the following on hand to apply:

  1. Date on which the applicant has successfully passed the CEERI or K-PEERI.
  2. For Dyslexia Practitioner and Therapist Certifications: Applicant Preparer Attestation Form or equivalent evidence of having successfully passed a supervised practicum experience aligned with the stated certification requirements.
  3. For applicants applying through a signed Sponsored Application, a Certification Sponsor Attestation Formis required.
  4. Credit card.

Renew:  Certified applicants will receive a renewal notification via email 60 days prior to expiration.  A link to renew online will be embedded in this notification.