Maintaining Your Certification

Continuing Education for Certification Renewal
Effective Through December 31, 2018
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What is a Continuing Education Unit (CEU)?

CEU stands for Continuing Education Unit. A CEU is a unit of credit equal to ten hours of participation in an accredited program designed for professionals with certificates or licenses to practice various professions.

CEU records are widely used to provide evidence of completion of continuing education requirements mandated by certification bodies, professional societies, or governmental licensing boards.

How Many CEUs Does CERI Require for Certification Renewal?

CERI requires educators to complete 10 clock hours of continuing education, or 1.0 CEUs annually to support certification renewal.

 Who May Award CEUs for CERI Certification Renewal?

CERI recognizes multiple CEU providers, with priority recognition of all International Dyslexia Association (IDA) Branch providers.

 All CERI-recognized Continuing Education courses must be aligned with the Knowledge and Practice Standards (KPS), and must advertise this alignment.

 Tips for Choosing Continuing Education (CE) Courses

Familiarize yourself with the Knowledge and Practice Standards (KPS)  and determine if your educational and professional goals and needs are reflected in a particular Standards/Sub-Standard.

If yes, search for a course that advertises alignment with these particular Standards/Sub-Standards.

If no, you may search for a course that addresses a broader topic than those which are currently included in the KPS.

 What is the Cost of Earning CEUs?

 The cost of earning CEUs vary.  Providers typically charge a cost for participants to attend a training event or to access training resources and assess a charge for issuing the CEU itself.

 What Should Promotional Materials/Brochures Associated with a Course Include?

  1. Course title/program description:
    • Content
    • Rationale
    • Audience
    • Number of Participants Course Can Accommodate
  2.  Learning outcomes:
    • Stated
    • Indicate What Knowledge or Skills You Will Acquire
  3.  Faculty credentials:
    • Evidence that Instructor is Presenting in Area of Expertise
  4.  Faculty disclosures:
    • Any Financial/Non-Financial Relationships Between Instructor and Course Content
  5. Instructional methods:
    • Described
    • Audience Participation Stated, if Applicable
  6. Credit:
    • Organizations that will Provide CEUs for Course Participation
    • Criteria for Award of CEUs
    • Fees for Award of CEUs
  7. Registration fees:
    • Stated
  8. Refund/cancellation policy:
    • Clearly Stated
  9. Inquiries:
    • Contact Information if Have Questions

How Should I Document CEUs Earned?

You should retain a copy of your CEU certificate and maintain a record of courses attended to date as follows:

  • Date
  • KPS Advertised in Association with the Course
  • Title of Course
  • Provider
  • Start Time/End Time
  • Total Hours
  • CEUs Earned

When it is time to renew your CERI certification, you will be asked to scan and upload these materials with your renewal application.