Karla EldredStructured Literacy/Dyslexia Specialist

CERI Verified Provider

Phone: (604) 786-8406

Email: karlaeldred@gmail.com

Karla EldredStructured Literacy/Dyslexia Specialist

Provider Bio

Karla Eldred has been working at private schools for students with learning differences since 2009 and has earned certifications as an OG Canada Therapeutic Tutor, NILD Professionally Certified Educational Therapist, and CERI Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist. Mrs. Eldred loves helping students of all ages build their confidence in learning through one-on-one and small group settings.

Provider Details

  • Not Currently Accepting New Clients
  • Online Tutorial Service Offered
  • Language Proficiency: English
  • Other Professional Certifications Held: NILD Professionally Certified Educational Therapist; OG Canada Therapeutic Tutor