Coming Soon! New Certification and Fee Structures. Anticipated Launch Date June 1, 2018!

About CERI

The Center for Effective Reading Instruction (CERI) is a nonprofit, tax-exempt subsidiary of the International Dyslexia Association, incorporated under the laws of the State of Maryland.


  • establishes criteria and procedures for certifying educators in structured, evidence-based approaches to teaching reading to all student populations, especially those at-risk for reading failure and those who struggle with language based learning disabilities;
  • accredits teacher training programs; and,
  • serves as a resource for research-based practices in reading.

CERI is governed by a Board of Directors and is managed by an Executive Director.
Current membership includes:
Executive Director: Search Underway
Board Chair: Thomas Bordenkircher
Board Vice Chair: Louise Spear-Swerling
Board Secretary: Position to Be Filled May, 2018
Board Treasurer: Larry Orrach
Board Members: Martha “Marty” Clare Hougen, Erin Washburn, Emily Binks Cantrell