Knowledge and Practice Examination for Effective Reading Instruction (KPEERI)

About the Exam
The Knowledge and Practice Examination for Effective Reading Instruction (KPEERI), formerly the Certification Examination for Effective Reading Instruction (CEERI), measures an educator’s knowledge of the principles and practices of Structured Literacy™.

Structured Literacy™ is an approach to reading instruction that is beneficial for both general education students at risk for reading difficulties due to a variety of factors (e.g. low socio-economic status, status as an English learner) and for students with disabilities.

This approach is characterized by the provision of systematic, explicit instruction that integrates listening, speaking, reading and writing and emphasizes the structure of language across the speech sound system (phonology), the writing system (orthography), the structure of sentences (syntax), the meaningful parts of words (morphology), the relationships among words (semantics), and the organization of spoken and written discourse. General information related to the exam can be found in the KPEERI Handbook which is available HERE.

Exam Structure
The KPEERI exam was developed under the guidance of Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP), with the input of 1,200 educators.  The exam is computer-based and consists of 110 multiple-choice questions consisting of the following types:

  • Recall (34%)
  • Application (48%)
  • Analysis (18%)

Candidates are given a total of two (2) hours in which to complete the exam.

Preparing for the Exam
For examples of question types and a detailed exam content outline to reference when preparing for the exam, please click HERE.

To prepare for the exam using the free online Reading Rockets modules, please visit Here, you will find nine self-study course modules that include in-depth information, classroom strategies, assignments and additional resources on the building blocks of teaching reading and writing. The online Reading Rockets course is made available in part by a grant from LD Network.

You may also find links to additional resources for preparing for the exam on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Applying for the Exam
To apply to take the KPEERI exam, a candidate may either submit an Initial Certification Application form for one of the three levels of CERI certification, or else submit a KPEERI Only Application form via our website HERE. Once an application containing the exam has been received and processed, the applicant’s information will be submitted to our exam provider, Meazure Learning, in one of our regularly scheduled data packages. The applicant will then receive a Notice to Schedule (NTS) email from Meazure Learning shortly thereafter. That email will contain further information regarding the choosing a time and location for an appointment to take the exam.

If an individual applies to take the exam as a part of an Initial Certification Application, they will automatically receive their new certification once they have achieved a passing score and their exam data has been received. If the individual applied for only the exam, they will receive a copy of their KPEERI Score Report, which they can use to apply for certification at a later time.

Exam Locations
The KPEERI exam is administered by Meazure Learning which provides numerous testing facilities across the United States, Canada and around the world. Please visit Meazure Learning for a list of cities which host testing facilities. You may also find a list of those testing facilities currently impacted by COVID-19 restrictions on their website HERE. Specific address information will be provided when a candidate schedules an examination appointment through Meazure Learning’s online scheduling portal.

Live Online Proctoring (LOP) “At Home” Testing
You also have the option of taking the exam online in your own home. To take the exam online you will require a personal desktop or laptop computer (not a tablet, smart phone or Chromebook) with a webcam that can be adjusted to view the entirety of your testing environment as well as speakers and a microphone. Information regarding the minimum technical specifications your computer will have to meet can be found on Meazure Learning’s website HERE. You will have the option to run an online system check to confirm if your computer meets the minimum system requirements before scheduling your exam appointment.

An online proctor will monitor you via your webcam for the duration of your testing session and will be available either through your computer’s audio or by telephone if you should have any questions related to the administration of the exam. You will be required to present a valid picture ID to the proctor via your webcam in order to verify your identity before you can begin. You are also required to be alone in the room with the door closed for the entirety of the exam session.

An example test demonstrating what taking an exam utilizing Meazure Learning’s exam delivery system is like can be found on their website HERE. Please note: The content of the sample examination does not include content from the actual KPEERI exam.

An informational video explaining the LOP Testing experience and procedures can be found on YouTube HERE.

Special Arrangements for Candidates with Disabilities
Meazure Learning will provide reasonable accommodations for candidates with disabilities although appropriate documentation from a medial professional may be required for certain accommodations. Please contact Meazure Learning at (919) 572-6880 with inquiries and requests.

Exam Fees
An exam fee of $150.00 as well as a $15.00 processing fee must be submitted along with a complete application to apply and sit for the exam at either a domestic testing facility or in your home. Applicants wishing to take the exam at an international testing facility outside of the United States and Canada are also subject to an additional $65.00 International Testing surcharge. This surcharge is paid directly to Meazure Learning when scheduling the exam at an international location via secure e-commerce (credit card). All exam and processing fees are non-refundable once an exam appointment has been scheduled. Please contact Meazure Learning’s Candidate Support Department either by telephone at (919) 572-6880 or by email at for further information regarding any applicable fees related to the scheduling or rescheduling of exam appointments.

Exam Scoring
The exam is graded using a scaled scoring system which provides a numeric representation of a candidate’s total / raw score. The scale conversion utilizes a consistent and standardized scale and allows for accurate comparison of a candidate’s score across multiple exam forms. A similar scaling system is utilized for other industry standard assessment exams such as the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) and the Praxis exams.

For the KPEERI exam, a candidate’s total score is converted into a scaled score ranging from between 200 and 800. The cut / passing score for the exam is 500 and scoring lower than this will result in failure of the exam.

Following the Examination
After completing the examination, candidates are asked to answer a short evaluation of their examination experience. Then, candidates are instructed to report to the proctor to receive their examination score report. Applicants taking the exam via LOP “At Home” Testing will be able to print a copy of their KPEERI Score Report using their desktop printer. Once you complete the exam you should also receive an email from Meazure Learning providing you with information on how to access their online Score Report Portal. You may download a copy of your KPEERI Score Report from the portal for up to two years from the date of your exam. If you did not receive that email or if you experience difficulty accessing the Score Report Portal please contact Meazure Learning’s Candidate Support Department either by telephone at (919) 572-6880 or by email at for further assistance.

Please maintain a copy of your KPEERI Score Report for your records should you require it in the future.

If You Pass the Examination
If you pass the examination, your scores will automatically be sent by Meazure Learning to CERI. Applications that require further processing will be handled as soon as possible once an applicant’s score information is received.

If You Do Not Pass the Examination
If you do not pass the examination, you may reapply to take the exam after a 30-day waiting period. Please utilize the waiting period to study and further prepare for your retake session. Please note that the relevant exam fees apply for each subsequent exam attempt.

Contact Meazure Learning with Exam Delivery Questions
You may contact Meazure Learning’s Candidate Support Department with any questions pertaining to the delivery of the exam or your post exam Score Report by telephone at (919) 572-6880, toll-free at (800) 722-6876 or by email at