Terms and Conditions

Refunds and Transfers
All application payments are non-refundable.
Application Payments
Application submissions may be paid for by Visa or Master Card, and payment authorization must be completed by the applicant. By using a credit card to pay for your application, you confirm that the card being used is yours.

All credit card holders are subject to validation checks and authorization by the card issuer. If the issuer of your card refuses to authorize payment, CERI will not process your application request and will not be liable for any delay or non-delivery of your certificate/certification. We are not obliged to inform you of the reason for the refusal and payment in accordance with your order.

All pricing is in USD.

Applications that are incomplete or insufficient when payment is authorized must be completed or augmented within two (2) months of notification by CERI. Applications not completed within this time frame will expire and no refunds will be given. Extensions cannot be granted.

Erroneous Mailing Address or Email Address
Applicants who provide a dated mailing or email address without correction within 14-days of the application submission, thereby resulting in a certificate or certification being mailed or emailed to an expired address will incur a fee of $10, or a fee sufficient to support international mailing, to cover the cost of reissuing the certificate or certification. Certificates or certifications are only reissued at the request of the applicant, following a written (email communication) request to update the mailing and/or email address.

The failure of CERI to enforce any provision contained within these terms and conditions shall not be construed as a waiver or limitation of CERI’s right to enforce and compel strict compliance with these terms and conditions.

CERI reserves the right to apply an additional fee for additional administrative handling on applications requiring supplemental guidance, troubleshooting, or mentoring due to an applicant’s failure to abide by advertised application requirements and processes.

Notification of Certificate/Certification Application Decision
Applicants are notified of the status of their application via email within six-eight (6-8) weeks of submission.

Revocation of Certificates and Certifications
If an applicant violates the CERI Code of Ethics, CERI may revoke any existing certificates or certifications and permanently prohibit the applicant from applying for certificates or certifications in the future.

Challenging a Certificate/Certification Application Decision
If you feel your certificate/certification application was rejected unfairly, please email info@effectivereading.org and include as much detail as possible concerning the nature of your complaint. You must send the email within one week of receiving notification of rejection. Acknowledgement of this complaint will happen within three (3) business days of receipt. Review and response may take up to three (3) weeks, unless notified otherwise.

All processes and procedures are the property of CERI and shall not be copied or shared.

In the event that CERI shall be liable, directly or indirectly, for any damages, including special, indirect or consequential damages, loss of revenue, profit, or loss of data, as a result of CERI’s performance, deficient performance or non-performance of the services hereunder, the maximum liability of CERI in any event and for any reason shall be equal to the amount paid by the applicant to CERI for the certification application in question.

These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter and supersede all prior agreements, understandings, negotiations and discussions, whether written or oral. There are no conditions, covenants, agreements, representations, warranties or other provisions, express or implied, collateral, statutory or otherwise, relating to the subject matter expect provided in these terms and conditions. No reliance is placed by any party on any warranty, representation, opinion, advice or assertion of fact made by any party or its directors, officers, employees or agents, to any other party or its directors, officers, employees or agents, except to the extent that it has been included in these terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.

Please see the CERI website for up to date information: www.effectivereading.org