Knowledge and Practice Standards (KPS)

The Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading is a comprehensive evidence-based resource that outlines what teachers need to know to deliver effective instruction and ensure that all children become proficient readers.

Overview of the KPS
The KPS define the knowledge and skills that all teachers of reading should possess in to teach all students to read proficiently. To view the Knowledge and Practice Standards, click here.

In the summer of 2018, IDA will begin aligning educator preparation resources, including publications, webinars, and information briefs, with the KPS in order to support their use in pre-service and in-service educator preparation contexts.


KPS and Educator Certification
The Center for Effective Reading Instruction (CERI) requires candidates to present evidence of their having mastered the content of the KPS by earning a passing score on the Knowledge and Practice Examination of Effective Reading Instruction (KPEERI) and for select certifications, passing scores or ratings on supervised practicum requirements.


KPS and Program Accreditation
IDA Accredits pre-service and in-service educator preparation programs on the basis of their ability to document alignment with the KPS, as articulated in the IDA Accreditation Handbook. To reach a member of the ETI Leadership Team with specific questions related to the accreditation process, please click HERE.

For a list of Accredited Educator Preparation Programs: Higher Education, click HERE.

For a list of Accredited Educator Preparation Programs: Independent, click HERE.