Continuing Education

For Providers
CEU providers should take care to ensure that programs are advertised according to the following guidelines, as program attendees will be submitting these advertisement with evidence of having participated in the program.  A fillable CEU Advertisement PDF form is available for providers’ use:

  1. Course title/program description:
    • Content
    • Rationale
    • Audience
    • Number of Participants Course Can Accommodate
  2.  Learning outcomes:
    • Stated
    • Indicate What Knowledge or Skills You Will Acquire
  3.  Faculty credentials:
    • Evidence that Instructor is Presenting in Area of Expertise
  4.  Faculty disclosures:
    • Any Financial/Non-Financial Relationships Between Instructor and Course Content
  5. Instructional methods:
    • Described
    • Audience Participation Stated, if Applicable
  6. Credit:
    • Organizations that will Provide CEUs for Course Participation
    • Criteria for Award of CEUs
    • Fees for Award of CEUs
  7. Registration fees:
    • Stated
  8. Refund/cancellation policy:
    • Clearly Stated
  9. Inquiries:
    • Contact Information if Have Questions

For Certified Professionals: Webinars and CEUs
All professionals seeking to learn more about maintaining their certification through CERI recognized CEU providers, please refer to our maintain certification page.