About the Exam
The  Knowledge and Practice Examination for Effective Reading Instruction (KPEERI), formerly the Certification Examination for Effective Reading Instruction (CEERI), measures an educator’s knowledge of the principles and practices of Structured Literacy.

Structured Literacy is an approach to reading instruction that is beneficial for both general education students at risk for reading difficulties due to a variety of factors (e.g. low socio-economic status, status as an English learner) and for students with disabilities.

This approach is characterized by the provision of systematic, explicit instruction that integrates listening, speaking, reading and writing and emphasizes the structure of language across the speech sound system (phonology), the writing system (orthography), the structure of sentences (syntax), the meaningful parts of words (morphology), the relationships among words (semantics), and the organization of spoken and written discourse.

Exam Structure
The KPEERI exam was developed under the guidance of Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP), with the input of 1,200 educators.  The exam is computer-based and consists of 100 multiple-choice questions consisting of the following types:

  • Recall (34%)
  • Application (48%)
  • Analysis (18%)

Preparing for the Exam
For examples of question types and a detailed exam content outline to reference when preparing for the exam, please click HERE.

To prepare for the exam using the free online Reading Rockets modules, please visit

Here, you will find 9 course modules that include in-depth information, classroom strategies, assignments and additional resources on the building blocks of teaching reading and writing.

The online Reading Rockets course is made available in part by a grant from LDNetwork.

Exam Locations
The exam can be taken by appointment on Mondays-Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. at 190 AMP locations throughout the United States.

Visit PSI for a list of Assessment Centers. Specific address information will be provided when a candidate schedules an examination appointment.

The exam may be taken at the International Dyslexia Association’s Annual Conference; and, organizations may arrange to host the exam at their place of business by contacting AMP toll-free at 888- 519-9901

Exam Fees
An administrative fee of $150 must be submitted with a complete examination application to apply and sit for the exam.

Register Online

  1. Visit Our Registration Page
  2. Click on “Register For This Exam” and follow the step by step instructions to choose the KPEERI/CEERI exam and register.
  3. Pay by credit card.

Special Arrangements for Candidates with Disabilities
AMP will provide reasonable accommodations for candidates with disabilities. Please contact AMP at 888-519-9901 with inquiries and requests.

Following the Examination

After completing the examination, candidates are asked to answer a short evaluation of their examination experience. Then, candidates are instructed to report to the proctor to receive their examination completion report.

Scores are reported in written form only, in person or by U.S. mail.

Scores are not reported over the telephone, by electronic mail, or by facsimile.

If You Pass the Examination
If you pass the examination, your scores will be sent by AMP to CERI.

If You Do Not Pass the Examination
If you do not pass the examination, you may reapply to take the exam after a 30-day waiting period.

Contact AMP with Exam Questions
You may contact AMP toll-free at 888- 519-9901 with any questions pertaining to the exam.