Angela MasseyStructured Literacy Classroom Teacher

CERI Verified Provider

Jackson, MI

Phone: (517) 414-4992


Angela MasseyStructured Literacy Classroom Teacher

Provider Bio

I am a dog mom and a cat mom. My children do not get along. I am a Detroit Tigers lover and Green Bay Packers fan. I love coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. I want to eat healthy and work out regularly but dessert is too good and my couch is too comfortable. I live for reading books. Books are my favorite form of entertainment and I'm happiest when I'm reading on a chair outside. I keep a blanket on even if its 90 degrees. I like the pressure. I love weekend get aways just as much as I love staycations. I love exploring new places, but I am truly a Michigan girl at heart. Country music is my favorite although I enjoy most kinds. My friends and family own my heart.
​​Making a difference in the lives of children is what I live for and I will constantly do the best I can to be the best I can for them.