Aviva FischerStructured Literacy Classroom Teacher

CERI Verified Provider

Silver Spring, MD

Phone: (301) 980-7066

Email: fischertutoring@gmail.com

Aviva FischerStructured Literacy Classroom Teacher

Provider Bio

As a dyslexic adult and the mother of three dyslexic children, I know how difficult it is to learn to read and how heartbreaking it is to see our children struggling. After homeschooling my children for almost 10 years, they transitioned to brick and mortar schools. I continue to provide Orton Gillingham support while there. I have a thriving tutoring practice where I meet students in person locally and virtually elsewhere. Additionally, I tutor Hebrew reading (Ashkenazi pronunciation) for foundational skills. We can rebuild you or your child's confidence by building skills. No one should grow up without the gift of reading.