Lana DemersStructured Literacy Classroom Teacher

CERI Verified Provider

Whitehorse, Yukon

Phone: (867) 334-6152


Lana DemersStructured Literacy Classroom Teacher

Provider Bio

Lana Demers has been working as Speech-Language Pathologist in multi-cultural school settings since 2004. She has extensive knowledge in the areas or oral and written language development, as well as evidence-based approaches to teaching reading for both the general classroom and intervention programs.
At present, Lana provides French and English consultation services to a number of schools in urban and rural Yukon Communities. This includes providing PD to school staff and parents, assessing the oral and written language skills of K-12 students, supporting the development of IEPs and Student Learning Plans, as well as developing and monitoring speech, language and phonological awareness programs.
Lana’s areas of professional interest include the intricate relationship between oral and written language, Response to Intervention (RTI), as well as additional language acquisition in the presence of learning disabilities. Her education and training include a Master of Science Degree in Human Communication Disorders (Speech-Language Pathology), and she has been certified as a Structured Literacy Teacher (Center for Effective Reading Instruction). Lana is a member of Speech and Audiology Canada (SAC), Yukon Speech-Language and Audiology Association (YSLPAA), the International Dyslexia Association (IDA), as well as The Hanen Center. She is certified to provide ABC and Beyond™ The Hanen Program® for Building Emergent Literacy in Early Childhood Settings, as well as It Takes Two to Talk®
The Hanen Program® for Parents.