Mary DrewStructured Literacy Classroom Teacher

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Yamhill, OR

Phone: (503) 936-2461


Mary DrewStructured Literacy Classroom Teacher

Provider Bio

am a proud 1992 University of Oregon College of Education graduate. My specialization is in reading, spelling, writing and math development and remediation. I have advanced training in Direct Instruction, which is diagnostic, explicit, sequential, and data-driven.  I worked for and was mentored by Siegfried Engelmann, the inventor of Direct Instruction, an internationally known authority on developmental reading, intervention and remediation. I have specialized training and nearly 30 years of experience in teaching learners with Dyslexia and learning disabilities. As a careful diagnostician, I carefully identify and address the root of the learning difficulties by filling the gaps with prescriptive curriculum.  Because student motivation is the key to academic success, I utilize student goal setting to engage the learner, as they monitor their own progress and celebrate each goal attained. The use of self-assessment rubrics encourage students to become self-reflective, as I guide students to use meta-cognitive strategies when faced with learning new concepts. It is my great joy to partner with families to help discover new paths to academic success.