Sandra D. SimonsStructured Literacy/Dyslexia Interventionist

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Sandra D. SimonsStructured Literacy/Dyslexia Interventionist

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I currently am employed in the Bermuda Public School System where I have been teaching for the past eighteen (18) years. My teaching career began in 2003 as a substitute Learning Support teacher at the middle school level. However, after several years of teaching at this level, I began to observe a steady decline in the reading ability of several of my students. Not only were they lacking an enjoyment for reading, many more were also lacking the ability to read on grade level and subsequently I watched helplessly as many more students transitioned out of middle school reading considerably below grade level. It was during this period, I began to develop an interest in becoming a reading teacher; thus, instead of being part of the problem, I desired to be part of the solution because I knew I lacked the skills to make a significant difference in this area of education. Therefore, armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech and a minor in English, I set out to gain qualification as a reading teacher. I decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in Education. However, it did not happen right away; in 2017 I completed my M.A. Degree with a concentration in Reading Science at Mount St. Joseph’s University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Although I was still teaching at the middle school level and I enjoyed it, I knew that I would be better suited at the primary level where I could effectively impact more students. Receiving the IDA’s Center for Reading Instruction’s (CERI) certification as a Structured Literacy Dyslexia Interventionist has most definitely prepared me for the daunting task of providing quality instruction based on science and not philosophy, thereby ensuring that our children have a solid foundation in Literacy, reading and writing. I currently teach at the Prospect Primary School in Devonshire, Bermuda.

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  • Other Professional Certifications Held: Bachelor of Arts-Speech at Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia; Masters of Arts-Education-Reading Science Concentration at Mount St. Joseph University, Cincinnati, Ohio.