Alternate Route: Structured Literacy/Dyslexia Interventionist

An alternate route to certification is available for applicants who wish to document that they have completed training and practicum experiences that are equivalent to those required for Structured Literacy/Dyslexia Interventionist, but:

  1. These experiences were not completed under the direction and guidance of an IDA Accredited Partner (institution or organization); or,
  2. The institution or organization they trained under was IDA Accredited Partner at the time they were undergoing training, but is no longer IDA Accredited Partner; or,
  3. The organization they trained under is no longer in practice; or,
  4. They’ve lost their practicum evaluation documentation; or,
  5. They’ve been practicing as a tutor for students with dyslexia for more than 10 years, with local, state, or national recognition, but have no formal documentation of having completed a supervised practicum experience.

Applicants must:

  1. Pass the KPEERI (formerly CEERI) exam;
  2. Prepare an electronic portfolio that includes all necessary components, as documented below;
  3. Submit a completed electronic Alternate Route application to CERI for evaluation;
  4. Complete electronic credit card authorization for Alternate Route review.


Application Process and Fees
  • Complete Online Application
  • $320
    • $125 – 1 year certification
    • $30 – Alternate Path Portfolio Review Fee
    • $165 – KPEERI Exam ($150 exam fee and $15 registration fee)
Renewal Process and Fees


  • Documentation of KPS-Aligned CEU 10 Hours (per year of renewal) with Approved Provider
  • Complete Online Renewal Application
  • Renewal Valid for 1 ($115) or 3 Years ($320)

All Alternate Route Portfolios must include:

  1. Personal statement of no more than 5 typewritten pages that addresses your equivalent qualifications, with an emphasis on documenting equivalent knowledge and skill to that of certification candidates prepared through an IDA Accredited Partner.
  2. Evidence of earning passing score on the KPEERI (formerly CEERI).
  3. Minimum Degree Required: Bachelor’s Degree.
  4. Copy of resume.
  5. Two letters of support from colleagues in the field who hold the same, or equivalent level, of certification. Letters should speak to (a) your competencies with regard to serving the needs of students from a Structured Literacy perspective, with reference to and alignment with the KPS, as appropriate; and, (b) their knowledge of your demonstrated ability to meaningfully impact student learning outcomes.

Structured Literacy Interventionist Alternate Route Portfolios must also include:

  1. One letter of support from a parent of a student (or the student themselves, if of the age of consent) that:
    1. describes your relationship to the student;
    2. describes the frequency and duration of your work with the student; and,
    3. speaks to the measurable and observable impact your work had on the student.
  1. One student, (developing reader emphasizing single syllable word reading) case study, complete with:
    1. background information;
    2. dates served;
    3. pre-post assessment data;
    4. priority scope and sequence established for the student that considers pre-assessment data and background information;
    5. discussion of progress/lack of progress;
    6. recommendations in response to post-assessment data. Case studies should be no more than 10 pages each.

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